Patreon; “So you want to be a creator, for money”


For those of you who don’t know Patreon is a website, you can use it to create an account that rewards monthly payed members to access extra content of yours. It is a way to refer artists, put your craft into a box, whatever it is to you, it allows fans to contribute to your cause.

This has led to a big unveiling, the following was strong. The program promising, but our views, in my opinion skewed. With only 2% of the creators making minimum wage it makes you question if it is worth it. I say yes, go for it, create an extra tool for your fans, or maybe attract people surfing on different websites than you.

This is my opinion about the content, a Pro and Con. I always start with the bad news first.


There is natures course with these things and you find this coming from creators.



They sex sales, I don’t want to speculate on what the 2% making minimum wage, considering half might be a mixture of bravery and stupidity. To each is own, the tentacle comic drawer is huge, okay huge. Thats enough with the side jokes..


Patreon is a place for creation. Inspiration is found within Patreons relationships. The competition is fierce when you give incentive for pay and a makeshift supply demand chart. DONT LET THIS FOOL OR SCARE YOU, CHECK OUT THESE COOL ANIMATIONS.

Lets compare this to a job, you learn how to do the work, you do the work, sometimes daily and you produce something the company can use. When it comes to digital artwork, it is almost a playground, I encourage people to swim the waters of digital arts if they can.

Here is the last thing I have to say about Patreon. Patreon is one tool, for people that want to pay to their subscriptions. If it fits well with your model, use it, no?

Here’s what Patreon had to say about referrals.

– Every month, I get a regular source of income from supporters who’ve pledged to me through Patreon. Having their ongoing support means I spend less time thinking about business, and more time creating. Also, if you use this invite to sign up and launch your Patreon page, we’ll both earn bonuses as supporters pledge to you – let me know if you have any questions!

I will tell you one last thing because they do say you will make a bunch of money off of referrals. This is because you have to invite about 50 people, unsure really. Anyways, if you have any questions about Patreon’s potential applicability and don’t feel like creating an account quite yet, then you can ask me questions. I will be honest in my relationship with the company and try to help others figure out how to navigate it.


J. Schachzugs

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